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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

We need to LOSE!

Puisi ini dari milis sebelah. mungkin dia bercerita tentang cinta. tapi tetep bagus buat renungan kita ber- IMM

i don't know why...., why it's happening??
i do not know...our little conversations became our little sensations,
i do not know why it's happening, our little sensations became our little promblems,
i do not know why...i could not say anythings,
but i do know what i have to say, i do know i could not say anythings,
but i do know what i was feeling, i do knowit's such a dream,
or more clearly like another sensations that i didn't know before..
i didn't know what was happening, i feel confusing..
so, i let her..i let her then i thougt i got lose,, i know what i have done, and what i should do at the past time,
three words, that i hate to say, it's I LOVE YOU..
and i know that...

Friday, January 20, 2006

Brand New Blog..

Brand new Blog, Fresh from the oven.. masih dalam tahap konstruksi, semoga bermanfaat...